Why not all the wishes and prayers answered

The short answer is:

The energy and frequency we emit don’t always align with the universe’s (or God’s / Source’s / Nature’s) response.

That’s why understanding the alchemy of wishes is beneficial.

The Alchemy of Wishes

Transforming Dreams into Reality

  • Set Clear Intentions
    • Your wish is a powerful seed. Sow it with clarity and heartfelt intent, trusting the universe to provide the conditions for it to flourish.
    • The true essence of a wish is the emotion behind it. Embrace the feeling of your wish as already realized—this heartfelt vibration speaks directly to the universe.
  • Let Go to Let Grow
    • After setting your intention, let it go. Holding on to specifics can block the natural flow. Release the ‘how’ and ‘when’, and allow the universe to work its magic.
  • Giving is Receiving
    • The energy you extend to others’ wishes comes back to you, amplified and enriched.
    • Acts of kindness towards others’ dreams are investments in your own. As you send out positive energy, you begin a cycle of generosity that not only enhances others’ lives but also energizes your own aspirations.